Degenerative Disc Disease Exercises To Decrease Pain & Protect

Exercises for Degenerative Disc Disease

Degenerative disc disease generally causes pain in the low back, but if a damaged disc pinches a nerve root in the lower back, it can also cause pain that radiates into the buttocks, thigh and shoots down the thigh into the leg. This type of pain is known as sciatica.

The type of exercises sometimes recommended for patients with degenerative disc disease complicated by sciatica is a dynamic lumbar stabilization program. The form of exercises used in the McKenzie Method are often included in the exercise regimen. 

Relief of the discomfort caused by nerve compression requires discovering the most relaxed and least painful position for the pelvis and the lumbar vertebrae and then teaching the body to hold this position when moving through daily tasks. When done correctly, these exercises can decrease movement in the vertebral segments and reduce irritation and inflammation of the nerves. This helps decrease pain and protects the region from further injury.  

Some examples of dynamic lumbar stabilizing exercises are degenerative disc disease exercises while lying on the stomach and degenerative disc disease exercises while lying on the back.