Ankylosing Spondylitis Information on Risk Factors & Treatment


Pain and stiffness, especially in the lower back and hips are two common symptoms of ankylosing spondylitis. These symptoms may be worse in the morning upon arising and after periods of prolonged inactivity. The symptoms my worsen over time, or they may gradually improve...Read more

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Jay Mason 1 hour ago
Sadly I'm sorry to say I have both sides of Ankolsying Sponderlitis severe.
On the pain of Ankolsying Sponderlitis I have 90 hotspots over my body,temple.

on the Ankolsying Sponderlitis structural posture it is gob smacking if u saw my body,temple.

(1) Head is bent facing down.
(2)my chin touching my chest.
(3)I was 6f2 now 5f6.
(4) my stomach is pushed out also my waist up is crashing down making it very hard to swallow and also to breathe.

The main reason my ankolsying has got out of control is lack of medical observation on the gp side.

N/H/S is the one who has had to rescue my health.

treatment I have to use to help me.
(1)patches 70×2
(3)Experimental injection I inject once a week
(4)×2pain blockers.
(5) physiotherapy stretches my hole body. Bloody painful. But I do it.
(7)physical therapy
(9)TENS machine.
6/7/8/9 only works for a day & then suddenly the pain & stiffness uncomfortableness comes straight back.

I'm always happy to take experimental medications.

I'm trying my hardest to keep away from the operation table.

My surgeon wonts to straighten my neck.
With my spin my surgeon
wants to take a section out of my spine & replace it. This is supposed to help the movement and structure in my body plus also my height.

When tacking out the section of spine. We need to make sure the bleeding stops so that the surgery can carry on.
once the operation has been completed then they need to wait until I wake up completely to work out if I am paralyzed or not.

This is an extremely highly dangerous operation.
I completely feel sorry for my surgeon and surgeons team and also be NHS it is not their fault for this mess but they are having to clean up the mess for somebody else.

Good news.
I'm not in a wheelchair.
Amazingly I am able to do two hobbies I do very private home career also I do animal care walking dogs excetra I have to do this to keep my body going.