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Refund/Return Policy

Payments received via by tEMed will be applied to your account directly.

You now have more choices for how you wish to make payments:

  • Pay online by credit card
  • Pay online by debit card
  • Pay online via PayPal
  • Pay in your consulting Doctor office by cash
  • Pay in your consulting Doctor office by credit card

About Online Payments

Online payments are not recurring. They are one-time only and you indicate the amount you would like to pay.

To make a payment online, you will need to login to your account with your credentials and enter the credit card you wish to use. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.

We will send a payment confirmation to your email address.

All payment transactions are processed using SSL,(secured socket layers), with 256 bit encryption and all information you submit remains private. See our privacy policy.

Refund Policy

There are no refunds for medical services rendered by tEMed Holdings, LLC. In the event an error is made during the payment process, our billing specialists will investigate. If an error or duplicate payment is found, a credit will be issued to your account balance or you may request a check with our office. We will issue a credit within five to seven business days.

Return Policy

Southeast Valley Medical Group does not provide or sell any products.

Cancellation Policy

tEMed kindly requests 24 hour advance notice for appointment cancellations. Cancellation charges may be applicable.